Inside Otion

Solovoorstelling van Guillermo “Otion” Blinker

Inside Otion

An intimate evening with OTION sharing personal stories, spoken word poetry and songs on top of vocal loops .

This evening is a ceremonial gathering with the mission to establish a power full connection in the room. A connection to self and that which lies beyond the self. In the second half of the evening Marian Markelo and Richard Kofi join OTION and for an in depth conversation about the voice in relationship to ceremony and ritual from the perspective of the Surinamese Spiritual tradition of winti.


OTION ( Guillermo Armand Blinker ) is an MC, singer/songwriter, poet and dancer based in Amsterdam. Inspired by afro futurism, hip hop culture, neo soul music and his afro Surinamese roots he finds himself standing in the middle of the ancestral and the futuristic as he creates magic in the moment.

Lyrics: OTION (Guillermo Armand Blinker)
Styling: Giovanni Maisto Ferreira



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